Thursday Night Blues Jamm Discontinued!


Thursday Night Blues Jamm Discontinued!

PK’s Roadhouse Thursday Night Blues Jamm Discontinued! Yes Ladies and Gentlemen I will no longer be hosting Thursday Night Blues Jamm at PK’s Roadhouse effective this week January 8, 2018 and the Jamm which would have taken place on January 13th!

I would like to thank Keith Lewis not only for providing the House Sound for some 80 weeks and for sitting in and giving us some memorable moments on Thursdays! I also want to thank him for being the “catalyst” for getting Thursday Night Blues Jamm going in the first place! It was Keith’s “brain child,” and through his vision were we able to create Thursday Nights. If you guys remember, it was actually Tuesday’s Just As Bad Blues Jamm when we started, a name that Keith came up with as well. So to you my friend , and Partner In Crime, I say Cheers and Thank You So Very Much!

I also thank PK’s Roadhouse, Connie Lynn Snider & Patty, for having us all this time! It’s been a pleasure both to perform and to host Thursday Night Blues Jamm at PK’s, thank you!
I want to give an Extra Special Thank You to BridgetAnn DeVille, our Hostess for Thursday Night Blues Jamm! I sincerely appreciate the manner in which you “embraced” TNBJ…especially those nights when we had Five guitar players on stage at the same time! Thank you so very much, Bridget, you’re the best!

I want to Thank the community of Lake Elsinore, The Temecula Valley & Inland Empire and Greater So. Cal as well, for supporting Thursday Night Blues Jamm, Thank You!

One of the best parts of hosting and event like TNBJ was for me to have the opportunity to meet so many of you on a level that I don’t think would have been possible, had it not been for such a cool hang out! It has been an absolute pleasure to be a little bit larger part of my community, to share and laugh, play and just experience the Love.
I also want to thank you guys for being there in those moments when we needed each other, you see, because it was at those times that I needed you guys the most!

I would like to thank the Members of the House Band, in no particular order except my brain ;-): Stephen Ortiz, Mike Emory, Dante Fire, Brayde Boisseranc, Dwight Dawson, Anthony Barbarotta, Dean Brandle, Rob Toma, Eric Nilsen, George M. Webster….me mother …! I’m also going to attempt to list as many bands and musicians as I can, if you don’t see your name on this or it appears multiple times , please add your name to the “official record”:James “MoJo” Reed, Ron Jones, Ron E. Harmon, Donna Hart, Chris Prichard, Christian Kalafut, Christian Ruth, Rusty O’Metal, Ted Staak Jr., Rich Hlaves, Del Carter Kesler, Victor Franklin Tyler Ray Davidson, Anthony Cullins, Marvin Mc Daniel, Stoney Gurrola, Michele Lundeen, David Mills, Lynette Lynny G Giglio, Chill Boy Raffesberger,Jeffrey Dayton Haflich, Myron Barnett, Spencer Nicholas, Chase Walker, Xavi Lynn, Eli J. Medellin, PORCELAIN HILL, Jodie Hill, Toby DeGard, Martin Cueto, Steven Harding, David Hernandez, David Flores, Michael Schwartz,Erikkah Richards, Clem Ortiz, Tom Shamblin, Edgar Sosa, Jovani Jurado, Edward Stinnet, Sergio Camacho: NAKEDandUNASHAMED, Dok Dokken,Peter Vincent, Andrew Gonzalez, Mark Cordova, Mark Gregory, Chuck Ownes,   Keith Otterbeck, Keith Beltran,Judith Pico, Joseph Albertelli, Jason Weber, Mirko Barbesino, Don Grisham,Donald Myers Irby, Hironori Seki, Larry Green, Otis McKinney, George Galvez,Joey Falcone, Johny Ray Price, Ken Lafler,
Carl W Stremmel III, Scott Clift, Dan Campbell, Chuck Smith, Tad Schumacher, Bruce Fulper, John Zupanic, Moe Morin, Justice Guevara,Lindsey Collins, Liz Zappa, Romeo Maxx, Byron Abel, Gayma Gonzales, Rick Brewer, Vince Garzon, Jonathan Giglio, Drew Gino Zollo, Dennis Dean, Hans Schmidt, Kimbal Joe Snyderl Joe Snyder, Junior Torres, Marco Minnemannand I’ll be adding you guys as the mind gets in gear!, …thank you again!

I will also be making a posting to acknowledge many of our Supporters, because without your participation as well, we would not have had this long of a run.

PS Stay tuned everyone, I have a feeling there may be a “Blues Jamm” of one sort or another coming to you courtesy of Martin F Tramil in the near future , Cheers ‘Til Then!


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