Welcome Fans of Family Jamm!


Welcome Fans of Family Jamm! Although the Family Jamm website is no longer active, I want to provide a space for Fans to connect with the Band’s Music. Family Jamm’s Music lives on here at http://martintramil.com . I had a wonderful time working on this Project with Jose Treto and the rest of the Band. Audrey McClellan on Vocals, “Bad” Brad Banghardt on Saxophone, “Big O” Otis McKinney on Bass and Mr. Larry Dent on Drums. It was a please to Produce this Project and to see it “get out there…” I’m particularly proud of the message put forth by the Artists involved. I want to thank “Big O” Otis McKinney and my dear departed friend Mr. Larry Dent, for being part of the Live Band. Larry, you were one of the Finest Drummers the World has every listed to, RIP my Brother.

Also Featured on “Game Of Life” are MCs badcXmpl, Powerz, Torres, Vision Complex and SZ (Scott James Zubec-RIP). This Album is dedicated to Scott Zubec.

There are a few of our Classics to preview and just for stopping by, please get the Free Download of “Trip” while you are here!

Also my Friends, please check out the new material from my latest release “Thin Ice” while you are here https://martintramil.com/albums/martin-tramil/  You guys can also get Family Jamm “Game Of Life” CD’s and Downloads, plus my new material from “Thin Ice” right here https://martintramil.com/shop/  And if you would like to connect with me on Social Media, here are a few links.   https://www.instagram.com/martinftramil/




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Martin T.



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