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Martin Tramil is a dynamic Artist/Musician delivering an exciting combination of creativity, daring, expressionism and originality all channeled through the Legacy of the Six String Guitar and Tube Amplifiers! Martin’s guitar playing is rooted in the styles and traditions of the Rock Blues genre, pioneered by such Artists as: Jon Butcher, Gary Moore, Vernon Reid, Robin Trower, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Johnny Winter and of course the man himself… Jimi Hendrix! Having been schooled on Drums and professionally “baptized” playing bass guitar, Martin’s musical influences reach across a broad spectrum to include such styles as Funk, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Reggae/World Beat, Rock and of course Blues! Full Bio

The latest single from the THIN ICE Album: “Payin’ These Dues!” Video by Baron Vohn Mrkva, featuring Chux Myth and Maneesha “MJ” Jones!

Downloadable Audio for “Payin’ These Dues!”

“ALREADY GONE” Downloadable Audio File

“Already Gone,” is the first Single from Martin’s New EP “THIN ICE!” This song features Candy Davider & Maneesh Lee-Jones on Vocals, Art Esparza on Saxophone, Marco Minnemann on Drums, Percussion and Additional Guitars!

Martin’s Latest Single: “Already Gone”

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