Martin Tramil & Sweet Beautiful Chaos Live in Concert At 4th & B!

Martin Tramil & Sweet Beautiful Chaos Live in Concert At 4th & B!

Hello Friends and Fans, this Wednesday’s show at 4th & B will have me in a new and exciting format: Sweet Beautiful Chaos ! SBC is a Confederation of Artists working together under a common banner, much like Family Jamm!, merging unique talents, tastes & styles to bring you SBC!

Martin Tramil and Zach

Sweet Beautiful Chaos will feature for this show: Zach Cole-Harmonica, Wes Johnson-Drums, Pete Kenvin-Vocals/Guitar, Joe Schiavone-Bass/Vocals & yours truly-Guitar/Vocals. I love the two guitar approach, since it gives our sound a bit more of an edge to it, especially when one of the guitars solos. To have another poly-phonic instrument cranking out the riff is great for listener and band-mate alike! This also gives us the ability to have dual solos, guitar/harmonica or guitar/guitar example Johnny Winter & Billy Branch, and keep that mid-range spectrum covered. You know… the one that even the best guitarists have double tracked over the years on their recordings, the one that sounds empty when you hear said Artist live, that one!

The twin guitar line-up also takes quite a bit of pressure off the lead vocalist, speaking for myself that is, by having one guitarist that’s focused on rhythm and lead fills at all times. This makes it much easier to put my main focus on phrasing and delivery of my vocals lines with accuracy, intent and passion!

With Joe, Pete and myself all contributing on vocals, SBC comes through with a nice phat vocal sound and keeps the show interesting by featuring three different front persons with different interpretations and styles!

On behalf of all the members of Sweet Beautiful Chaos, I hope to see you everyone there and wish you a SBC Evening, Martin Tramil!