New Album in the works!


Burning The Midnight Oil!Electrecord_Red_Vinyl_Record                                                                                                Martin is currently working on material for a brand new album, with a release date projected for the end of 2016! Stay tuned for updates and maybe a sneak peek or pre-release as well!

“I’m feeling a bit more of a raw sound this time around, just looking for some grit & grind and maybe something like a ‘less is more’ approach to the actual mixing aspect of things. Really, I’m looking at it sort of like adjusting the balance between the silence and the sound.” MT!

Friends and Supporters, this will be a no-frills and no-holds-barred Effort from Martin! Also there will be some new names and faces to compliment and complete the sound of this New Album!

“I’m about as excited as I’ve been for quite some time now and I’m looking to channel this energy (through the new album)! I’m also working with a couple of new ‘toys’ and I’m pretty stoked with what I’m hearing so far.” MT!

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