Single & Video Release Date Set!

Single & Video Release Date Set!

** Greetings friends, fans and supporters,
we have some awesome news for youz guyz: The Video Release date has been set for my next single “Payin’ These Dues” and the Video to accompany it. We will Drop It like it’s Hot on Halloween weekend, so you’ll have a little something something to go along with ghosts, ghouls, goblins and candy!

We finished shooting two weeks ago, which were the scenes involving just myself, as the scenes with the two actors were shot a couple of weeks prior. The Director Baron vohn Mrkva has been grinding it out in the studio and getting all of the editing finished up. From my preliminary reviews, Director Baron has been cooking up a real doozy, which is going to take y’all for an awesome ride. He’s got a bit of a funny-bone and has taken things in a direction which would never have occurred to me. I won’t tell you exactly where the video is going to take y’all and it’s gonna be an absolute Blast.

I want to give a Huge thank you to Chuck “Chux Myth” Smith and Maneesha Lee-Jones for doing an awesome job acting. Their hard work and patience is very humbling, especially since they donated their time for this video.

Speaking of donating Time, as you guys may remember, we ran an unsuccessful KickStarter Campaign to raise funds for this project. So Director Baron totally blew me away by offering his valuable time to do things for Free. Yes that’s right, he’s put in over 40 hours of his time to make this happen, so in a word, once again I’m totally Humbled.

I would like to shout out my dear aunt and uncle T-Erika and U-Fred for their support and as Phil Lynott would say, “me mother,” too. As without her undying support, I would not have the time to do this, since I would either be doing a thousand sh*t gigs or grinding a day job. She has been my benefactor for many years now, so I will dedicate this video to her and my pops, as I’m also using one of his guitars in the video and used another in the actual recording of “Payin’ These Dues.”

No Man is an Island, and I certainly would not be doing any of this without “A Little Help From My Friends,” so to all of you guys reading this right now, I would like to Thank each and every one of Youz Guyz for being a part of the process simply by giving a damn about “my music.”

I’ll be working with some new Booking Agents in the near future and hopefully this will bring me to a venue near you some time sooner than later!.

So until then my friends, stay safe out there and yes, That’s still Rock-N-Roll Johnny and you know by now, Keep That Pedal to the Metal,
Cheers and Thanks,
Martin T.

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